Medshield App and Website

The Overview

One of the many businesses in the 21st century that spent a large amount of their marketing budget on new technology.  While this can be a great approach to giving users what they want faster, it stuns the human interaction and leaves many users feeling unsatisfied. Due to the flow of the website and information, most sessions became stale.

The Challenge

How to bring in, the much needed technology, to streamline the process but remain innovative enough not to get rid of the human element that so many customers need. Provide the customer with enough information so that they do not need to call in. All this within a limited budget.


Creating a website that allows the user to seamlessly live chat with a representative in relation to the page the user is browsing. This way the user feels as though they are getting looked after and it also improves online conversions. In parallel to the website an app would also guide the user to review the interaction for better communication in future.


This solution improved the conversion rate by 14.3% while account support tickets decreased as customers understood what they were getting once they signed their contracts.

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