Opel Adam Product Configurator

The Overview

Our client based in Germany, wanted to create a product configurator that would allow customers and sales reps to customize all the great looking Opel Adams.

The Challenge

The car had a lot of features and was getting demoed sooner than salesmen were capable of learning the brochures.

We were thinking of building a product configurator but every configurator made up to 2014 was encoded in Flash, which at the time, without the release of the new IO7 meant that all apple users wouldnt be able to use the configurator.


We built the first CSS3, Javascript and HTML5 animated product configurator. It was challenging but new territory always is. It gave use the ability to launch the system into all platforms known today as well as be able to run on all devices smoothly.


Users we’re shocked by the launch and the system; as dynamic as the Adam itself, both were embarking on new territory and winning. Apple users were under the impression that their iphones could now use Flash.

The Result


Key features

  1. The App is the first of its generation to combine code samples together to create an animating environment without the use of flash.
  2. Users around the world were able to click the the link and not worry about any 3rd party plugins or add-on’s to run the app.
  3. The ‘Flash’ loading always took long and users stuck around because they wanted to be wowed… Now the long wait is over.
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